JR Productions (Joseph Ross Productions) 

Hello, I’m Joseph Ross and welcome to my production company, JR Productions which is also called Joseph Ross Productions, whose purpose is to produce The Joseph Ross Show and other TV and YouTube shows, music videos, and other media content. JR Productions was thought up by one of my friends, when we were planning out The Joseph Ross Show, which I thought up in 2007 and has yet to be released. The other name of the company was thought up by me. JR Productions will co-produce with Color Star Productions, my first production company and a division of Color Star, A Christian Island Club Company, and Liberty Business Entertainment, my entertainment company, which is a division of Liberty Business Furniture.

Coming Soon… The Joseph Ross Show


Joseph Ross Productions now produces a YouTube channel, The Joseph Ross YouTube Channel, and is producing The Joseph Ross Show and it will be a talk and variety show and will be hosted by Joseph Ross.

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